Instead of two pickles, I’ve got new music!

Just like it says, I gots new stuff. Let’s start off with a relatively shocking deal. Thrice, the very popular alternative rock band, has a new album due out October 13, 2009. However, since Vagrant Records sucks at life and doesn’t update their webplayer’s security flaws, somebody got the album to leak…. a whole 3 months early. It’s called Beggars. Go find it. I’ve still gotta take a listen. I would also like to mention while at Warped Tour this past Saturday, I ended up stopping at a tent for a new hardcore band, Therefore I Am. Check them out. I told the guy I’d spread the word on them and I got a pirate (yar) stamp for it. Also out today, we have He Is Legend’s new album, It Hates You. For fans of screamo/hardcore, here’s a few bands I just found not sure how popular they are but normally if I haven’t heard of them, they’re not to big. Let’s start off with  a band called Marilyn is Dead. Trance-y beats, hard fast guitar and Anberlin style vocals + screamo makes for a very interesting mix. Their album Appearance Disappear is on iTunes. Violence to Vegas put up their first EP, Princess to Prison, on iTunes recently. In a few words: hard fast beats, sick vocals with a hint of Keith Buckley. Next up, The Word Alive with their debut album, Empire. This one will be for fans of Emmure and Hatebreed.  For fans of Job for a Cowboy, check out The World We Knew. And last but not least, we have electronic/screamo band, Everyone Dies in Utah. The name alone should be enough to get you curious.

In other news, Four Year Strong released a cover album of all their influences ranging from No Doubt to Nine Days (on a random side note, Nine Days’s lead singer, John Hampson is an English teacher at my high school and his wife, the subject of Absolutely(Story of a Girl), teaches Italian. Go figure.) The Used’s upcoming album, Artwork, is due out September 1, but it leaked and AP gives it a 4/5. Thrice’s upcoming album, Beggars, which was originally due out October 13th leaked via a flaw in Vagrant Record’s webplayer(as mentioned above). Because the leak was so early, the band has decided to release the album digitally via iTunes on August 11th. That really sucks for them but what can ya do. Just a few cds to be on the lookout for (that I can’t wait for) Tides of Man’s debut album Empire Theory due out August 4thand Cobra Starship’s Hot Mess due out August 11th. the next few are due out August 18th. Long Island’s own As Tall As Lions’s You Can’t Take It With You, Breathe Carolina’s Hello Fascination, Emmure’s Felony, MUTEMATH’s sophomore album Armistice (I can’t wait), and Third Eye Blind’s Ursa Major. Boys Like Girls’s new album, Love Drunk, is due out September 8th. Every Time I Die’s album New Junk Aesthetic and Saosin’s In Search of Solid Ground are also due out September 8th. Muse’s new album, The Resistance, is due out September 15th. Go have fun!


~ by joemama1696 on July 26, 2009.

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