Taking Back Sunday-New Again

Artist: Taking Back Sunday
Album: New Again
Release Date: 6/2/09
Label: Warner Bros.

TBS-New Again

TBS-New Again

Amityville, Long Island’s own Taking Back Sunday is back with their fourth studio album, New Again. Unfortunately, it seems that with the departure of their guitarist, Fred Mascherino, their original style left along with him. For fans of their first two cds, Tell All Your Friends and Where You Want To Be, this cd will most likely be a huge letdown. The album itself is a good album. There are two key tracks “Sink Into Me”, which is the first single off the album, and “Capital M-E”, which is featured on the Transformers: Rise of the Fallen soundtrack. The album opens up with the song “New Again” which sounds very much like the songs off the previous album, Louder Now. The song is fitting to be the first track because it is the band saying “I am ready to be new again.” The song “Capital M-E” is, according to the band’s lead singer, Adam Lazzara, about the bands former guitarist and his comments before he left the band. The album has a few other tracks which stand out from the rest. The song “Where My Mouth Is” has a somewhat U2 feel to it and the song “Swing” sounds as close to classic Taking Back Sunday as they can get. It seems nowadays everyone is reinventing themselves. Taking Back Sunday is trying to reinvent themselves while sticking to some of their roots. Keep trying. Maybe you’ll have it down for the next album but you’re on the right track.



~ by joemama1696 on July 1, 2009.

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